... because it is BMW!


Grown up in Munich, in the world at home – Our visit to BMW

Picture this: a crisp February morning, and a group of excited students, including us from classes 12S2 and 12W2, setting foot in the BMW factory in Munich. Guided by Susanne Herold and Ruth Stegmann, our English teachers, we were about to uncover the magic behind the iconic BMW brand. 

From the rhythmic hum of the body shop to the vibrant colors of the paint shop, every corner of the factory was alive with energy. But it was the "dancing" robots that stole the show, their precision leaving us in awe of the seamless fusion of technology and craftsmanship. 

What amazed us even more was discovering BMW's rich history of innovation. Who knew they were pioneering electric cars back in 1972 and exploring hydrogen-powered vehicles in 2024? The future, it seemed, had been brewing in the past. 

Munich itself is BMW's beating heart, with the main plant, BMW Welt, and BMW Museum standing tall at the Olympic Park. But it's more than just landmarks – it's a symbol of the city's spirit of innovation. 

As we bid farewell to the factory, we carried with us a newfound appreciation for BMW's legacy. Munich isn't just a home for BMW – it's where innovation meets tradition, and where the future begins. And for us, that's a journey worth remembering. 

By Ruth Stegmann, Susanne Herold and little “writing” robots called ChatGPT